Rune Rebne

    rune rebne

    Rune Rebne began his music studies in 1985. First musicology at the University of Trondheim, then an instrumental educational program at the Rogaland Conservatory of Music.

    From 1988 he studied composition at the Norwegian Academy of Music with Olav Anton Thommessen, where he also took graduate in the spring of 1993. Diploma in composition took place the same institution in 1997 as a student of Lasse Thoresen and Rolf Wallin.

    Rune Rebne has made both instrumental and electroacoustic music, besides working on music for modern dance and theater. His works have been performed at various festivals in Norway and abroad. He received the Norwegian Society of Composers' Work of the Year award for 1995.

    The past years he has also been working with installations and multimediaproductions in collaboration with Ludvig Elblaus, Stockholm - Sweden